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Stilly Valley Dental is your premier neighborhood dental family in the Arlington area. From beginning to end, you will experience a patient-friendly environment.

We share positive reviews from real patients so you can know our promise will be your experience. Why? Because your experience is our primary measure of success. Stilly Valley Dental is growing and expanding to ensure this personal care never changes. We promise timely appointments, expanded availability, and quality staff.


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Why We Put People First

Devin Dickinson, DDS

“As a kid, my teeth were all over the place and required braces – twice! I knew what it was like to have a “braces smile” in all my school pictures. Chipping my front tooth created even more embarrassment and teasing.

This led me to initially consider community dentistry as a professional. Over time, I’ve realized how much of the dental-care world is focused on money and quick care. People desire and deserve relational care without sacrificing professional quality. This is why our practice puts people first.”

Mission Statement

Committed to providing exceptional dental care in a kind, compassionate environment with the highest level of integrity.

Vision Statement

Our team holds strong values and continuously strives to create an extraordinary dental experience.  We work together to deliver outstanding dental care while building long lasting relationships with our patients, and each other.


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Stilly Valley Dental provides state-of-the-art dental procedures while remembering that every patient is a person.

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Your care is our only measure of success!

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